British Isles

The UK is very much a modern country with cosmopolitan cities but there are still traditional rural villages to be found. Visitors to the UK will be spoilt for choice as every city offers something different from history and culture to entertainment and nightlife.

London is the always the first city that springs to mind when one thinks about the Britain. Unfortunately, very few of the larger cruise ships can transit the Thames to London. However, many of the Ultra Luxury Cruises companies represented by Deluxe have smaller, more intimate ships which now visit the City of London.

Liverpool is England’s second major city port and a popular destination on a cruise around the United Kingdom, especially since being named European Culture Capital 2008. This vibrant city is full of northern charm, with more than 2,500 historic buildings and monuments.

Further up on the east coast of the United Kingdom lies Edinburgh, the thriving and decadent capital city of Scotland. The old town at the heart of the city is home to the major historic attractions and is well worth taking the time to explore.

Across the water, Belfast has seen a transformation in recent years from a war-torn city into a trendy capital with a selection of boutiques and stylish bars, resturants as well as some classic Victorian architecture.