Middle East

The Middle East has been at the heart of world events since ancient times, and is still a significant region whose importance can hardly be understated.

Home to countless civilisations throughout history, often with architectural remenants being preserved for visitors to enjoy. From the Suez Canal to India, the Middle East has much to offer, ancient Egyptian relics including the Valley of the Kings and the legendary tomb of Tutankhamun, the awesome city of Petra in Jordan, incredible modern skyline of Dubai. These are places where the ancient and modern live side by side in harmony.

Due to the increase in popularity of the region, more cruise lines are running itineraries out of the Middle East, which gives an amazing range of products for us to suggest some incredible value add-ons to enhance your holiday! Additionally, there are now a number of Middle Eastern airlines offering direct flights to this area, making your whole holiday experience more relaxed and comfortable.