South Pacific & Hawaii

The South Pacific and Hawaii are ideal ultra luxury cruise destinations, combining all the tranquillity of a tropical paradise with a cocktail of exotic wildlife and picturesque fauna to discover. The region remains a fairly obscure destination for British travellers as a result of limited direct flights from Europe to the region.


Surely this archipelago’s greatest asset is the density of attractions it boasts. On the popular resort island of O’ahu visitors can experience the cultural and culinary delights of cosmopolitan Honolulu and remain within walking distance of stretches of white sand beach and crystal waters. The larger islands, Hawaii’s Big Island and Maui, boast rich and diverse landscapes, stretching from the coral reefs, to palm-fringed beaches and up through rainforest to the volcanic peaks inland.

South Pacific Islands

The islands of the South Pacific are about as close to paradise as one will find on earth and a cruise is the ideal way to explore the destination. Popular Pacific island ports of call are found in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia, Rarotonga and American Samoa, each of them boasting some of the most rich and picturesque landscapes in the world due to the high levels of geological activity. Aside from the lush tropical foliage, snow white beaches, translucent waters and coral reefs, this region plays host to an amalgamation of cultures, with the European influences in French Polynesia and the Indian peoples of Fiji, making it a truly diverse destination.

The Pacific islands boast a tropical climate, making them a perfect year-round cruise region. Luxury cruise liners tend to run out of Australia and New Zealand or western America, so travellers have the opportunity to enjoy these destinations before embarking on a voyage to the remote, curious and arrestingly beautiful islands.