You have time to relax. A classic traditional transatlantic voyage is gives the promise of adventure just beyond the horizon.

Experience the romance and traditions of a bygone era on a classic voyage crossing the Atlantic which at one time, was the only way to see the world. Leisurely days on board complete with the luxury of gracious service and the promise of adventure just beyond the horizon.

Reminiscent of the days of great steam-liners running between Britain and the USA, many believe the greatest highlight of a luxury cruise across the vast and sprawling Atlantic Ocean is the journey itself.

Beyond this, pulling into harbour at New York, past the Statue of Liberty and in full view of one the most iconic skylines in the world, is undoubtedly one of the finest cruising experiences for passengers travelling westbound.

The Canary Islands, with fascinating rugged volcanic landscapes to explore, stand as ports of call commonly found on cruise itineraries in both directions; alternatively, the rich and fertile Azores Islands are becoming increasingly popular.

Passengers taking a Repositioning Cruise can benefit from sailing through a number of different cruise regions, enjoying the variety of attractions each region has to offer, as well as having the opportunity to explore more untouched destinations, such as Greenland.