World Cruise

The beauty of a round-the-world cruise is that the itineraries combine all the highlights of every region across the globe, so after some long sea voyages passengers are greeted with the finest attractions each destination has to offer.

As ships cruise round Australia, passengers will visit the iconic Sydney Harbour and then sail up the coast to explore tropical Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, one of the finest natural attractions in the world.

Ships cruising the Pacific generally make stops at the picturesque, palm fringed Pacific islands. The islands of Fiji, French Polynesia and Hawaii are commonly visited ports, and the laidback island culture is a perfect fit with the leisurely pace of cruise life.

Up in Asia, the coastline of Vietnam is an ideal spot for cruise passengers looking for some more diverse cultures, rich with temples and monuments.

Some cruises meander along the coastlines of the Middle East, and head west through the Suez Canal at Egypt; passengers taking such a cruise will can enjoy the bustling cities and ancient ruins of destinations such as Aqaba, Muscat and Luxor. The alternative route is down the east coast of Africa; stops at Mombasa, or Cape Town are ideal for passengers to experience the majestic wildlife and stunning landscapes this continent has to offer.

West in the Americas, the great, cosmopolitan cities of the USA remain popular attractions on any cruise itinerary and many cruises make stops at the ports of Mexico, allowing passengers time to explore the ruins of the ancient Mayan cultures. Some cruises will journey down to South America; passengers on these cruises will be lucky enough to explore the Brazilian rainforest and the fabulous city of Rio de Janeiro.

European highlights that feature on world cruise itineraries include the ancient capital of Athens and the architecturally stunning Barcelona.