Deluxe Cruises Value, Pricing and Service

At Deluxe Cruises we know that the cost of your cruise is important to you.  We will always be competitive and offer Deluxe Cruises Bonus Savings on every voyage.

We also know from many of our repeat guests, that the level of personal service we provide is even more important to them.  After all, when you are buying an Ultra Luxury Five star cruise you expect simply the best from your travel agent.  That’s why Deluxe Cruises take the trouble to give simply the best service in the business from your first contact with us, right up to the time you return home.

Whilst we admire what is happening in the mainstream cruise market, we believe that we cannot be all things to all men and that is why we specialise very much in the luxury sector of the market.  By providing  a high level of service and attention to a select group of discerning travellers, we work only with cruise companies who like us believe that treating it’s customers as individuals and where exceptional service is normal.  Whilst we understand the big ships with thousands of passengers have a place in the market, we choose not to compete in that very price-driven market, which to too often is just about “the deal”.

We still believe that the perfect cruise is one that has been tailored to your individual needs and which represents a combination of excellent value for money, attention to detail and the highest levels of service.

The Bitterness of Poor Service remains long after the Sweetness of Low Pricing is forgotten