Deluxe Cruises scoops top Seabourn awards

Deluxe Cruises is pleased to announce that it won 2 awards at the recent  Seabourn UK Cruise Awards. The prestigious event saw Lesley Monk, owner of Deluxe Cruises, receive 2 awards from  John Delaney,  Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Seabourn.  Winners of the “Best Groups” award this is one of many awards presented by Seabourn to Deluxe over the past few years for outstanding performance and dedication to the Seabourn brand.


Deluxe Cruises award1

Lesley Monk with the Seabourn Award


Seabourn Award

Lynn Narraway, John Delaney, Lesley Monk, Dani Scannella


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