5 Star River Cruises

Are you wanting to experience the luxury of 5 star river cruises? A river cruise is the perfect holiday if you’re looking for relaxation with stunning views on offer. Here at Deluxe Cruises, we are the one stop shop for all your cruising desires. We have the best of the best cruise liners with us including specialist river cruise liners. Give us a call on 01202 767926 to enquire into our river cruises today!


What is a River Cruise?5 Star River Cruises

A river cruise is where a cruise ship will travel along rivers through and around cities and towns. The cruise ship will travel the rivers and will often stop at different ports where the passengers can explore what the town or city has to offer. You can expect many trading towns that you will see along the way. A river cruise can be defined as leisure travel that takes its passengers along inland waterways. Because the ship is going through inland waterways, the ship will never be that large as it must traverse through narrow rivers, therefore, the ships will normally hold about 100-250 passengers at a time, which provides you with an intimate experience.

5 star river cruises can offer you many different locations and scenery as you travel from one town to another.


What to Expect on a 5 Star River Cruise

With 5 star river cruises, you can expect nothing short of perfection on board the ship as every experience is made with luxury in mind.

The accommodation on board the river cruise will give you everything you could possibly need for the ultimate night’s sleep with added comfort. Your luxury sleeping quarters on a 5 star river cruise will come with your own bathroom, superior comfort beds, temperature controls, your own mini fridge, TV’s, your own personalised butler service and many will have their own balcony where you can view the beautiful scenery as the ship passes through.

The cuisine on a 5 star river cruise will be nothing short of exceptional. You will find many different restaurants and bars located throughout the cruise ship. Not only will you have many different locations available where you can eat, but you will be offered a whole range of cuisines where the food will be exquisite. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, there will be something that suits your tastes at all times of the day.

The amenities on board a river cruise aren’t as packed as you would normally find on an ocean cruise. This is because a lot of your time will be spent on land when you dock. There will be many different activities that you’ll be able to explore through the towns in addition to many different cultures that you can experience whilst viewing the historical sights.


Why go on a River Cruise?

Going on a cruise is a great choice of holiday. River cruises vary to ocean cruises; even though ocean cruises are fantastic, you’ll be seeing a lot of the ocean and a lot of your time will be spent on the ship with the amenities on board. On river cruises, a lot of your time is spent on land enjoying the different amenities that the towns have to offer. This gives you a large variety of activities that you can do throughout the course of your cruise. If you just want to chill, then you can stay on the cruise ship and not go on land. Furthermore, you can see some of the most beautiful sights in the world along a river cruise. A river cruise can give you the best of all holidays as you can do it all on a river cruise.

The best thing about 5 star river cruises is that you get to experience living in luxury in addition to everything else that you’d experience.


Getting on Board Luxury 5 Star River Cruise

If you’re interested in going on a river cruise, then check out our selection of 5 star river cruises. Deluxe Cruises has fantastic river cruise liners that can take you to many destinations around the world. For more information on any of our cruises or services, get in touch with Deluxe Cruises on 01202 767926.


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