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Looking for something different?

If you are looking for something different and have a taste for adventure then perhaps an exploration cruise is a good choice for you. Enjoy the finer things in life but would like to do an expedition? Then a Luxury expedition-style ship is the may be the way forward. With exciting excursions using inflatable Zodiac dinghies in sea kayaks, this is your chance to discover less-visited ports of call and onshore explorations of  landscapes and wildlife.

Exploration cruising is the perfect way to explore some of the more remote and less-visited, parts of the world, all the whilst enjoying the highest levels of service, style and comfort that contrast the conditions outside the ship.

Exploration cruise ships are normally smaller than normal cruise ships, with shallow drafts, which means they are not restricted to deep water ports and can access a far wider range of destinations as a result. In many ways an exploration cruise is more about the destination and the excursions than the the voyage itself.

Exploration cruises explore destinations all around the world. Cruises to Alaska, the Arctic regions and Antarctic are increasingly popular along with Iceland and Greenland.

Luxury Cruises line who offer Expedition Cruises include:


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