Five Star Cruises

Here at Deluxe Cruises, we can offer you many fantastic five star cruises with a range of outstanding cruise liners that can take you through the world’s oceans as you travel in pure luxury. Deluxe Cruises is your one-stop shop to find everything you need for your five star cruise holiday. If you need any help finding the perfect luxury cruise, give us a call on 01202 767926 and our cruise specialists will be able to assist you.


Five Star Cruises

Luxury Five Star Cruises

If money isn’t a factor, five star cruises are always the way to go as they are the most luxurious cruise ships in the world. The cabins, dining and amenities; everything is nothing less than perfection on a luxury five star cruise as you sail through the ocean. There will be lots of crew ready and waiting to serve you hand on foot to ensure that you have everything you need on your cruise holiday.

In five star cruises, most things will be included for you such as luxury suites and full use of facilities such as spas and gyms.


Why a Five Star Cruise and Not a Six Star?

Six star cruises are nothing less than exceptional. A six star cruise is where you get absolutely everything included, from the flights, 5 star hotels on land, a private butler, a mini fridge in your suite that is fully stocked every day and even your gratuity tips; you don’t have to pay a single penny after your lump sum payment up front. Yes, this is great, but you will be paying a hefty sum for a lot of services that you’re not even going to use. Five star cruises are just as luxurious as six star cruises as the suites and amenities are the same standards, however, you’re not paying for everything in one go; you can pay a package that will include everything you need and then pay separately for other luxuries which can work out cheaper.


Why Choose Deluxe Cruises?

Here at Deluxe Cruises, we only list luxury cruises with many of them being five star cruises as we believe in nothing less than pure luxury; therefore, every cruise with us will meet your high expectations and will never fail to deliver.

Deluxe Cruises makes it easy to find the perfect cruise for you as you can specifically search by destination, cruise line, cruise ship, month, year and even theme or any mixture of these categories to ensure that you find a cruise that suits you perfectly. We provide you with information on all the different cruise holidays that we have, so you know a bit about the cruise ship, the company, and the holiday itself before reading on further.

Once you find a cruise that interests you, Deluxe Cruises wants to ensure that you receive a personalised response to your enquiries. Whether it is over email or over the phone, we will answer any question you may have regarding the cruise. Our experts will always go the extra mile to ensure that you find the five star cruise of your dreams.

Deluxe Cruises also offers:

  • Travel bonuses to provide you with unique savings.
  • No hidden fees or charges.
  • The same person to deal with your entire journey of booking your cruise.
  • Mature specialists with extensive knowledge of the cruising industry.
  • Holidays that are all financially protected.

Deluxe Cruises also has fast access to five star cruises because we have great relationships with major cruise lines, therefore, they give us access to their great deals first.


Cruise Liners at Deluxe Cruises

Deluxe Cruises works in partnership with luxury cruise lines such as:

Many of these cruise liners offer five star cruises.


Getting on Board Your Luxury Five Star Cruise

If there is a cruise holiday that catches your eye, then give us a call on 01202 767926. Alternatively, email us on; we will make sure that you deal with one person throughout your whole booking service with our concierge service.


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