Your Guide to: 6 Star Cruises

6 star cruises are the best kind of cruises that you could ever experience when going on holiday at sea. Here at Deluxe Cruises, we are the specialist cruise agent that can get you on board the most luxurious cruise lines in the world. But what is a 6 star cruise and which cruise lines can offer you the 6 star cruising experience? Here, we will give you a guide to why 6 star cruises are the ultimate experience.


What are 6 Star Cruises?

6 star cruises, also known as ultra-luxury cruising, are awarded to the most exquisite cruise ships in the world. Six star cruise ships take luxury to a whole new level, as a 6 star cruise ship is defined by its size (less than 800 passengers), cabins (most cabins start at suite level with a balcony), all-inclusivity including alcoholic beverages and an impeccable service from all the crew onboard. It’s essentially as luxurious as you can get but with everything included.


What’s the Difference Between 5 and 6 Star Cruising?

In most industries, 5 star is the best rating you can give a service and you know you’re receiving fantastic products and impeccable services if something is rated as 5 stars. However, most people don’t know what 6 star cruises are and it can all become confusing, especially if you’re trying to book your first ever cruising experience. 6 star cruises are the next step up from 5 star cruises and are the best kind that you can get. What’s available on board a 5 star cruise and a 6 star cruise is virtually indistinguishable as you’ll be experiencing luxurious perfection on both kinds of ships. However, there are a couple of differences which sets the two ratings apart from one another.

6 star cruising is where absolutely everything is included in the cruise. With 5 star cruises, most things will be included such as soft drinks, food, gratuities and more. But you will often find that you need to pay for fine dining, alcoholic beverages, treatments at the spa, flights and other luxuries that you can get on board a cruise ship. However, with 6 star cruises, the price you pay upfront even gives you access to shore excursions!

Another difference between 5 and 6 star cruises is that you can find staterooms available on a 5 star cruise in addition to suite rooms. On a 6 star cruise, staterooms are not available.

6 star cruises will also offer a personalised, intimate experience with fewer passengers on board and more crew members, making the staff to crew ratio smaller.

You’ll fall in love with the exquisite, personalised service that you will receive along with amenities on board that are polished to perfection.


Cruise Lines Offering 6 Star Cruising

6 star cruises are the most ultimate way to cruise the seven seas of the world. The four main cruise lines that offer 6 star cruises are:

  • Crystal CruisesIs a top choice for food and drink, families and solo travellers. Crystal Cruises has one of the highest crew-passenger ratios at sea, with the staff offering award-winning personalities and unparalleled expertise. The all-inclusive 6 star experience with Crystal Cruises can lead you down to an enrichment of discovery as Crystal Endeavor is an explorer ship that can take you to the hardest to reach locations, such as Antarctica. There is a huge range of complimentary amenities and enrichment on board all Crystal Cruises’ cruise ships that there is enough variety for people of all ages and personalities to find individual interests and pursue new hobbies onboard.
  • Regent Seven SeasIs a top choice for cultural immersion, solo travellers and all-inclusive experience. This cruise line is the most luxurious at sea with the most exclusive, intimate and all-inclusive experience. Unlimited shore excursions, 5-star hotel stay, speciality dining and flights are all included in this 6 star experience. Regent Seven Seas understand the need for privacy and flexibility and with the Executive Collection, you can enjoy onshore excursions in the comfort of your own private vehicle. With Regent Seven Seas, satisfy any travel urge you may have as you can customise your entire cruise experience to meet your exact needs.
  • Silversea CruisesIs a top choice for food and drink, solo travellers and all-inclusive experience. Silversea Cruises offer 6 star cruises with gourmet dining, spacious suites and an exceptional service. Every need is anticipated with a prompt service delivered with a crew to passenger ratio of almost 1:1. Silversea Cruises are great for single cruisers and on some voyages, you can even get yourself a dinner host and dance partner!
  • SeabournIs a top choice for food and drink in addition to spa and pampering. Seabourn’s 6 star cruises have no more than 300 suites each, offering its guests the highest guest to space ratio in the entire cruising industry. Seabourn host a range of complimentary special events including a surf beach party, steel band entertainment and water sports that you can enjoy at your leisure. Unwind in pure relaxation in the award-winning spas and enjoy the most intimate 6 star cruises with plenty of space.

Each of these cruise lines has something special to offer their guests of any kind of personality. These 6 star cruise lines are not to be missed and will immerse you in the experience of a lifetime.


What if I don’t want Everything Included in my 6 Star Cruise?

With Luxury 6 star cruises, you don’t have many packages to choose from; you pay upfront for almost everything and you can pay extra for some onshore excursions and treatments at the spas. If you’re not interested in fine dining or alcoholic packages, then 6 star cruises may not be the cruise for you as you can’t cut these packages from your cost. A 5 star cruise may be best for you which allows you to pay for what you want to use. And if you change your mind about alcoholic beverages or fine dining, then in some cases, you can pay a day package or longer to enjoy these services at your leisure.


Booking your 6 Star Cruise

If you think that a 6 star cruise is for you, then you’re in the right place. Here at Deluxe Cruises, we are your specialist travel agent for all your cruising needs. We provide a special service which we call the Deluxe Cruise Concierge service. This service ensures that you will have the same travel agent from start to finish of your booking and any other future bookings you may make! We believe that this makes us special as you build a close relationship with your travel specialist.

Deluxe Cruises specialises in luxury and niche cruises to ensure that there is a cruise available for all types of cruising personalities. We have all the luxury 6 star cruises with us in addition to many 5 star cruises. For more information on any of the cruises that we have available, call your friendly cruise specialist today on 01202 767926.


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